Rachael - HR graduate programme

I had such a great start, joining BA during the Olympics. We sponsored Park Live and the atmosphere was amazing. It gave me a feel for the scale of the brand, plus a chance to meet the other grads and build a network.

My next position was with in-flight customer support, training for five weeks as cabin crew. I got to fly every three months and it was brilliant. I actually used to be scared of flying! But after doing the course it gave me overwhelming confidence in the brand, the planes and all the crew.

I started in ‘Organisational Development and Change’ which taught me just how fast things can change. Not least of all because it no longer exists! After that I had a series of placements which gave me diverse experiences. My next, longer placement was in ‘Diversity and Inclusion’. From here, I worked on many areas of the business – looking at things which affect everyone. I did a massive project on gender across the organisation. Did you know only 4% of pilots and engineers are female? I found out why. And these findings resulted in direct action from the leadership team that is filtering down through the business today. And that was only in month three!


Everyone gets on so well in BA, it makes part of my job easy. But there are many roles I need to perform so keeping staff happy is one small fraction. For instance, I am now in Employee Relations looking at our dealings with Trade Unions. There are no typical days – you’re always doing lots at the same time.

Have I been on a journey? YES. I’ve developed my confidence, my understanding and my abilities. And I’m no longer afraid of flying! 

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