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We are pleased to announce the return of our Direct Entry Pilot scheme-Managed Path First Officer/UK Service Pilot...

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Graduate Programmes

It’s not just our customers that we help get to where they want to go. The fact is we can do the same for our graduates too, with a range of first class professional development programmes including Leaders For Business, Operational Research, HR, IT, Engineering, World Cargo, Finance and Procurement.

No matter which of our graduate programmes inspires you the most, you can rest assured that you definitely won’t be just sitting behind a desk. We can provide you with the opportunities you’re looking for and help you develop a career that will let you be inspired, innovative and outstanding,

We offer real roles with real responsibilities from day one. You’ll have exposure to different business areas and major projects with involvement in key business decisions, which means you’ll have the unique chance to make an impact on an international scale. And of course, the opportunity to gain relevant qualifications such as CIMA, CIPS or ACCA.

With the exception of IT, where you’ll be based at either London or Newcastle, the rest of our programmes are initially based in London, but you may need to move to other locations. Whether you’re interested in Operational Research, Leaders for Business (General Management), HR, IT, Engineering, World Cargo, Finance or Procurement, take the time to find out more about our graduate programmes and how you’ll make things happen for yourself

For more details on Graduate programmes visit: Graduates