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Without sales there is no revenue and no business. This simple fact explains why our Commercial business area has such a high profile throughout the airline, and why we are represented in every major continent across the globe.

It also explains why we conduct our business in the way we do. Competition is tougher than ever before, customers more demanding. Each year we have to be more innovative and imaginative to achieve our goals.

If we are to succeed, we need to take the game to the market. It's the difference between just playing the game and playing to win. These principles apply whether you're working in Field Sales, our Contact Centres,, or helping our sales teams to achieve their objectives in around the world. It's about doing business the way our customers want, taking risks, empowering people at all levels and involving them in the decision making process.

If you decide to be part of this business critical operation, you can expect to face some daunting challenges. The good news is you'll have an extremely strong story to tell and outstanding resources behind you. We have some of the best products and most famous brands in the industry, as well an unrivalled international route network and a loyal customer base.

Commercial Performance

The Commercial Performance team is responsible for delivering the insights that drive both tactical and strategic decision making across sales.

This includes delivering long term revenue forecast to plan our business, setting revenue targets to drive the right sales behaviours and actions and informing decisions around the activities which drive BA performance, from pricing and inventory decisions to corporate and agency dealing and marketing campaigns.

  • Revenue Planning and Forecasting supports principally finance and commercial functions. The team reports on performance, forecast BA revenue and sets targets for the sales teams to drive the business forwards. It also supports our partnerships, such as the integration of BMI and the growth of our joint business with Iberia and American Airlines for transatlantic flights.
  • Revenue Performance supports the business cycle of BA by investigating and highlighting the performance drivers (causal analysis). The team estimates the probable impact of events and activities via feasibility studies and business cases. Recent projects include the impact of the Olympics on our business.
  • Market Revenue Planning sets up corporate deals with our corporate customers who choose to fly with BA on a regular and ongoing basis and manages the relationships with our key leisure agency partners to optimise revenue from these channels. It also works at delivering revenue through our direct channels. The team provides analysis to support decisions on travel agent incentive packages strategies, regular performance monitoring and insights from the tracking of sale performance through regular sale tracking and post campaign wash ups.

Find out more about our Commercial Performance team at our Analyst Hub

Know-Me-Our CRM vision

  • The Know Me team is building a single customer view to draw together all the information sitting across BA’s different data warehouses and ensuring that the insights gained are intelligently exploited to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs. One of the first successes of the team was the successful deployment of the iPad to cabin crews last year.
  • Marketing and Effectiveness analyzes the performance of marketing campaigns and supports our loyalty programs reporting and initiatives. We assist the marketing team in the design of campaigns. Have you recently received offers to transfer Tesco points into Miles or acquired an Amex/BA credit card? Our team was probably behind this. The team also provides analytical support to to improve BA online presence.

Find out more about our CRM team at our Analyst Hub

Revenue Management

The Revenue Management team look after price and inventory, managing our longhaul and shorthaul operations. The team look to drive revenue through volume and yield and get every last bit of revenue for BA. Under this team is price distribution (how we get our fares to our partners), selling systems (including key reservation actions eg ATB ticketing and seat requests). The team also have an added value team looking at best practice and a change team driving through key initiatives. There is a revenue operations team managing operational issues (eg upgrades / downgrades) and a systems team making sure our IT works all the time.

UK and I Sales

The UK and I Sales set up corporate deals with our corporate customers who choose to fly with BA on a regular and ongoing basis and manages the relationships with our key leisure agency partners to optimise revenue from these channels.

Retail and Direct Sales

The Retail and Direct Sales team maximises revenue to BA through direct and retails sales.

Selling and Distribution

Working with colleagues across sales and marketing, the Selling and Distribution team develop BA’s selling and distribution strategy. The team ensures that BA has the distribution capability in place worldwide to support the efficient sale of BA products – including the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs: Travelport, Sabre & Amadeus) and payment cards.

The teams coordinate alliance selling plans, including oneworld and the sales approach for the proposed Joint Business Agreement with AA and Iberia, subject to the anti-trust immunity application. 

Within the team is a sales force effectiveness team to provide the processes and tools that the sales teams need to win and retain business in a highly competitive environment. This team looks for continuous improvement opportunities driven by data – including understanding the true margin achieved from each sales channel.

The Regions


Europe and Africa

Middle East and Asia Pacific

Sales and analytical teams supporting the regional delivery of revenue.