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We are pleased to announce the return of our Direct Entry Pilot scheme-Managed Path First Officer/UK Service Pilot...

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Cabin Crew

When people think of British Airways, the faces they see are usually those of our Cabin Crew. From the warm welcome onboard to a sincere thank you and goodbye at the end of the flight, our Cabin Crew play a vital role in defining our customers’ experience of British Airways.

We currently have four Cabin Crew fleets – three of which are based at our global hub, Heathrow – Worldwide, Euro-Fleet and Mixed Fleet – while the fourth is based at Gatwick airport. They travel the world on one of the most extensive route networks of any airline, including destinations in the UK, European short-haul flights and intercontinental long-haul.

cabin crew

In addition, we have International Cabin Crew based at the following overseas locations: Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Cairo, Mumbai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Delhi, Bahrain, Singapore, Chennai and Bangalore. The aim here is to provide customers travelling these routes with local crew who have first hand knowledge of their language and culture.

It might be a short flight or a 13-hour leg to one of our worldwide destinations but one thing’s for certain; the team will work together to make the in flight customer experience one to truly remember.