What sets us apart?

What sets us apart?

Analysts at British Airways are highly valued and these roles provide fantastic opportunities to impact BA performance and influence key airline decisions.  There is an immense pride and a certain buzz from being part of, and having an effect on, a large international airline and a globally recognised company.  What’s more, there is a strong analytical community that works together to exploit the wealth of data and broad range of opportunities to apply analytical techniques. The work is extremely varied, and our projects are satisfying as they all directly affect us and our customers.

Your work will also be touched by business and other events around the world.  You could, for instance, be evaluating the commercial impact of snow in New York, the network implications of volcanic eruptions or the effect that losing passenger luggage has on a customer’s brand loyalty. Your analysis will be valued and decision makers will be keen to hear your input.

There’s a real sense of community within and across our various departments. We’ve over 130 analysts – a significant body of professionals.  The high level and diversity of expertise means we can learn from each other, and not only enhance our projects but our careers too.

There is a good range of career opportunities within the community, which could see you developing breadth of experience through a variety of analyst roles as well as taking on promotion to more senior roles. The career paths are clear and opportunities are open to the community as a whole. Importantly, the community is recognised internally and externally for its strong analytical abilities and is a great place for career progression. Rest assured, your analytical skills will be in demand on a large range of projects. In addition, the impressive breadth and quality of data available provides great opportunities for analytical insights and opportunities to develop your skills and career.

Your ideas will fly