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  • How I Support Aircraft Purchase and Improvement
    Justina Jankauskaite, Operational Research Consultant

    Hi All,

    So this is it! The long-term aircraft purchase project has finally finished. My team and I were a central part of this multi-billion pound investment decision through our optimisation models, extensive data analysis and insights. And here we are – awaiting the arrival of already ordered new aircraft. And I was part of it!

    Aircraft Purchase

    I work in Operational Research Fleet Planning team. As the name suggests my work focuses on aircraft purchases and seat layout decisions. This year is especially exciting for Fleet Planning. We received Britain’s first A380 and will soon get our new Boeing 787s. Do you know that A380 has twice as many seats as 787? Crazy, isn’t it? And we are the first airline in Europe to operate both 787s and A380s.

    Our Contribution to the Purchase

    Operational Research extensively supported the purchase decision of the arriving A380s and 787s back in 2007. And this is not the end. Our recently finished aircraft purchase project has involved brand new aircraft on top of the A380s and 787s. These will be A350s and additional 787s. Want to know more? Check the links:

    It has been great to analyse fleet plans and scenarios for buying new planes, and to understand how much the results have impacted the BA business. During this work I have also dealt with colleagues in various business areas, including Fleet, Engineering, Cargo, Network Planning and Finance.

    Cabin Crew Volunteering

    I am part of the Inflight Customer Support Programme, which means that I am  fully trained as a member of cabin crew, the programme is voluntary and means that every few months I travel onboard one of our flights operating as a crew member. Being part of the ICSP team allows me to share the knowledge and insight of our cabin crew with colleagues in my team helping them to stay focused on the customer. At the same time I have the opportunity to explain my ground role to cabin crew and how it fits into the business.  I gain first-hand knowledge of our planes, how its design affects passengers, cabin and flight crew and how this could be improved.