Operational research

We apply advanced analytical methods to drive better decisions across the whole of the airline. Our breadth of knowledge and contacts help us provide valuable insights and to influence key programmes and initiatives.When focusing on helping to structure problems, providing complex data analysis and modelling business scenarios, we use a range of tools and techniques.

These include: SAS and Excel modelling, decision analysis, simulation, forecasting, optimisation and data mining. Operational Research is building centres of excellence in many of these areas as well as constantly looking to identify new techniques.

The Operational Research department comprises three teams:

The End to End Planning team works closely with the Strategy department to support decisions on which aircraft we should fly, where they should fly to, and at what time. They also influence which airlines we should work closely with and how such agreements should work.

The Yield team focuses on getting the maximum amount of revenue from every seat on every flight. This is done by investigating the Pricing Propositions that are offered to the customers, the way that the in-house Revenue Management system delivers these propositions and developing metrics to allow the system users to sell the appropriate numbers of seats at each price.

The Projects team supports key initiatives across the rest of the airline. This team is divided into two, with the Operational team supporting initiatives in areas such as airport, baggage and engineering, while the Commercial team focuses on sales, marketing, crew and the overall customer experience.

Operational Research Consultants initially focus on developing detailed knowledge of an aspect of the business, but also work flexibly across team boundaries and team moves are encouraged so that everyone has a broad experience of the business. Projects are extremely varied and all help to improve profitability, support key decisions and enhance our capability.