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  • Welcome to Marketing and Retail Effectiveness
    Sue Robinson

    I work in Marketing and Retail Effectiveness, which is an area of the business that is dedicated to providing insights into the effectiveness of marketing activity.  In the team we support all stages of campaign process, from campaign planning, through to targeting, test design and analysis.  This involves interaction with a number of areas within the Commercial part of the airline and with external agencies.

    Analytical and Communication Skills are Key to Success

    In order to perform my role effectively, I rely on our analytical skills (particularly SAS, SQL and Excel) to derive insights from campaign data and my communication skills to ensure that the business continues to learn from and improve its marketing activities.  I typically report back on responses to emails or digital campaigns and how this impacts BA’s bottom line.

    Flexible Working Patterns

    There are 9 people in our team and the 3 of us work part-time, each working varied hours and different working patterns to suit our personal circumstances outside of work.  BA generally takes a flexible approach towards part-time working wherever possible, subject, to business requirements.  This is a win-win situation as BA retains our skills and experience and we can continue our careers, alongside our other commitments.

    Analytical Opportunities Across BA

    Between us we have worked in many departments within BA, which has allowed us to build our knowledge and develop transferable skills.  As a company, BA values and encourages broad experience across the airline.