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  • Personalisation of our communication through analysis
    Mike Smith - Marketing Effectiveness Analyst

    I am a Marketing Effectiveness Analyst and I joined BA 10 months ago. I work closely with the Marketing teams in trying to make BA’s email contact strategy as effective as possible and so far my experience of working here has been a really positive one. There are roughly 200 analysts working here, with data analysis being a key component of wide ranging parts of the business. There seems to be a real push towards BA using Data to make key business decisions, which means that it is a very good time to be an analyst here at BA.

    I am part of the analysis team in the Know Me programme, which is at the forefront of marketing personalisation across multiple communication channels. We are striving to continually improve the way in which we contact our customers. We use customer information to deliver relevant messages at relevant times and try to make the messages we send as personal as possible.

    This position is my second as a Marketing Analyst, and one which I took in order to develop both my commercial and statistical analysis skills.  I am currently leading a project which aims to  produce a statistical testing best practice guide, as well as working on a propensity model to support a set of campaigns for next year, both of which I have found interesting and challenging and have really helped my development.

    All in all, I have really enjoyed being a part of British Airways as an analyst, and am confident that there is ample opportunity within the company to continue developing for a long time to come.