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  • Analyst Graduate

    I graduated with a Masters in Operational Research – coming into this position has been so exciting and it’s great to be able to put into practice what I was studying straight away. I was at Edinburgh University and one of my first projects was focussed on Edinburgh Airport – somewhere I know well!

    Acting independently

    I’m based in London and work in a team of fifty people. We get to move around and try different specialisms – this is great for variety. We act as a consultancy for other BA departments, taking on projects they don’t have the expertise, resources or time to carry out themselves.

    Making an impact

    My project at Edinburgh Airport was around implementing fast track security in an efficient way. I worked with the manpower-planning department and directly with the airport itself. I used historical data taken from their airport lounges to work out how popular the fast track security service would be.

    My next project is around fuel use and costs, making sure we’re using the best tariffs. We already have a lot of data, but it will need to be checked for its validity before I can really get stuck in.

    Plenty to look forward to

    I’m still a fairly new recruit, but I’m really enjoying all the different challenges, and I know I’m going to be kept busy with lots more interesting projects in the future.