Gatwick commercial analysis

We apply advanced analytical methods to drive better decisions across the whole of the airline. Our breadth of knowledge and contacts help us provide valuable insights and to influence key programmes and initiatives.When focusing on helping to structure problems, providing complex data analysis and modelling business scenarios, we use a range of tools and techniques.

All Gatwick analysts work on projects across the whole of the Gatwick Commercial area, and so can gain a broad understanding of the whole of the commercial side of an airline on a small scale.

So, for example, in terms of supporting Network Planning, you could be identifying the customer profile for a route to feed into new route evaluations or analysing customer travel patterns to identify whether there’s a need for flight timing changes.

On the Revenue Management front, you might become involved in evaluating trials of new pricing initiatives or building dashboards to enable management to monitor performance.

Supporting Sales & Marketing, you could be monitoring agent performance and highlighting issues and opportunities or evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns.

The work is mostly project-based, with some regular reporting on revenue performance, and involvement in revenue forecasting and targeting. A piece of work can take anything from a few hours to several weeks, and generally involves: interaction with team members to understand the problem more fully and discuss the approach, complex data analysis using SAS, SQL and Excel to obtain and manipulate data and, often, presenting back to the team on results and recommendations.