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  • Helping future graduate recruitment
    Iain Reynolds

    I work with and help lots of different areas of the business. Recently I’ve been building relationships with universities for our future graduate recruitment.  I have been working with universities and speaking to students about my career and giving them an insight into what I do.

    Going back to my roots

    We visit universities to talk about the various roles within the aviation industry and the BA graduate programmes. I talk specifically about operational research and how we support the wider business. We then get the students to perform an exercise, for example giving them the positioning of a new BA premium product and asking them to use their analysis skills to decide which routes it should become operational on. It gives them a genuine insight into what we do, they see the breadth of skills and challenges the job brings.

    Skillset to succeed

    I studied maths at university, but I didn’t want an academic career, I wanted to put what I’d learned to practical use and this role is perfect for that. Strong numeracy skills are a must but there’s a lot more needed to get ahead. Good communication skills are important – you need to soak up all the knowledge around you and learn how the business works so you can provide the best project solutions and present your research back to senior people in the business.