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  • Forecasting Revenue

    I’d previously worked in a forecasting role in the gas industry, which I enjoyed, but when I saw the role at BA I had to apply. I was excited about the prospect of working within aviation – it’s so fast paced and the changing nature of the routes keeps the work interesting. I like to be kept on my toes!

    Trusting my judgement

    As a commercial performance analyst a lot of my work revolves around forecasting revenue for the business, which is segmented by long and short haul.

    Getting stuck in

    Recently I was involved in the bmi acquisition – estimating the revenue it could bring to BA, which meant producing a route-level forecast. I had to forecast the number of passengers per month on each route – and how much the average yield would be in terms of revenue. I looked at historic data to find trends that I could use to project future trends, taking into account what would happen if BMI routes were taken over by BA and our aircraft.

    I worked with staff who had moved from bmi to BA – discussing the routes and getting as much information as I could. I then presented my work to key stakeholders who suggested some tweaks that allowed me to further hone my figures to produce a really thorough piece of analysis.

    My next project is looking at school and National Holiday dates for the next few years, and how that will impact when people book their holidays – and when our busiest times will be.

    Feeling part of a wider community

    BA really values their analytical community – they recently organised an event to bring fifty of us together from across the company. It was great to hear from other departments, and learn how we can work together to share knowledge and I’m looking forward to learning more about other areas of the business.