Commercial Analytics

The Commercial Analytics team delivers the insights that drive decision making across Sales and Marketing, from long-term revenue forecasting and setting revenue targets, to making pricing and inventory decisions and informing marketing campaigns. Here, we also look at customer data to focus on customer retention and acquisition. We support partnerships too, such as the integration of BMI and the growth of our joint business with Iberia and American Airlines.

The tools used include Excel modelling, SAS, Enterprise miner, Business Objects and Teradata SQL across most of our databases. With these we handle analysis like reporting, forecasting and causal analysis, either ad hoc or via tool design. There are five teams in all:

Revenue Planning and Forecasting supports finance and commercial functions by reporting on performance, forecasting revenue and setting sales targets to drive the business forward. Revenue Performance investigates and highlights performance drivers to support our business cycle. The team estimates the probable business impact of events and activities such as the Olympics and Euro 2012.

Marketing and Retail Effectiveness analyses the performance of our marketing campaigns and supports our loyalty programmes. If you’ve recently received offers to transfer Tesco points into Miles or acquired an Amex/BA credit card, our team was probably behind this. They also support to improve our online presence.

Market Revenue Planning monitors performance for the sales teams to influence tactical sales activity, corporate dealing and other initiatives. This area also analyses the performance of travel agency and corporate deals to optimise the value of relationships. What’s more, they complete business modelling to feed in the deal strategy and design, as well as influencing Network Planning on schedule changes and new route proposals.

The Know Me team is building a single customer view to draw together all the information sitting across our data warehouses ensuring that the insights gained are intelligently exploited. One of its first successes was the successful deployment of the iPad to cabin crews.