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  • Making commercial decisions that directly effect our revenue
    Karla Linnell -Revenue Management Analyst

    What was your journey to your current role with British Airways?

    Only recently I joined British airways as an Inventory executive within their revenue management team and so far I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

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  • Introduction to Operational Research
    Jenny Critchley - Operational Research Consultant

    I am a very recent addition to the Operational Research department. I completed an MSc in Management Science (Operations Research) at London School of Economics and am now a mere three months into the wonderful life.....

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  • Personalisation of our communication through analysis
    Mike Smith - Marketing Effectiveness Analyst

    I am a Marketing Effectiveness Analyst and I joined BA 10 months ago. I work closely with the Marketing teams in trying to make BA’s email contact strategy as effective as possible.....

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  • Leading the Gatwick Commercial team
    Colm Lacy - Head of Commercial (Gatwick)

    In my current role as Head of Gatwick Commercial, I lead a team which brings together all the Commercial functions needed to focus on delivering revenue for BA’s Gatwick network.

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  • Powering a personalised customer experience through data
    Jo Boswell - Head of Customer and Commercial Analysis

    My team looks after BA’s customer data and analyses our marketing and retail effectiveness. I also lead the ‘Know Me’ programme, looking at how the airline can use information to personalise and tailor customers’ experience of BA.

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  • How I Support Aircraft Purchase and Improvement
    Justina Jankauskaite, Operational Research Consultant

    Hi All, So this is it! The long-term aircraft purchase project has finally finished.

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  • Bringing the community together
    Satveer Chohan, Commercial Analyst (Gatwick)

    Three months of being at British Airways as a Gatwick Commercial Analyst and I receive an invite to the biannual Analyst Community Event.

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  • Welcome to Marketing and Retail Effectiveness
    Sue Robinson-Customer and Commercial Analyst

    I work in Marketing and Retail Effectiveness, which is an area of the business that is dedicated to providing insights into the effectiveness of marketing activity.

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  • How the Easter break impacts the forecast for March
    Giosafina Tagliarini, Commercial Performance Analyst

    The Easter Bunny isn’t the only one busy at Easter. The Easter bank holiday weekend along with the Easter school holiday break are a busy time for travel with Heathrow expecting 25% more passengers than during a normal two week period.

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  • Helping the analyst community to fly
    Alan Spanos, Data Exploitation Manager, Business Intelligence

    I remember sitting in a university lecture theatre, when I first heard the phrase GIGO, or ‘Garbage In – Garbage Out’. In Business Intelligence, it is one of our main jobs to ensure that this doesn’t happen for our analyst customers in BA!

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  • Analysing performance on an exciting new product for British Airways
    Ed Balman, Commercial Analyst-Gatwick

    As a team, we were very excited by the recent launch of a new short haul fare type for BA, hand baggage only. This new fare has given our customers more choice by introducing a new cheaper fare for the times they don’t need to check in a suitcase.

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  • With my team of 30 Analysts we support and challenge the business
    Roger Blackburn, Head of Commercial Performance

    The Commercial Performance team is at the heart of the performance monitoring process, helping our commercial colleagues to make sense of how the business is coming in, and to decide when to intervene

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  • Helping future graduate recruitment
    Iain Reynolds

    I have been working with universities and speaking to students about my career and giving them an insight into what I do.

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  • BA's schedules for the Americas
    Stuart Aveline

    My aim is to optimise where we fly our aircraft to make the best profits in the long term.

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  • Forecasting Revenue

    Recently I was involved in the bmi acquisition – estimating the revenue it could bring to BA, which meant producing a route-level forecast.

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  • Life as an Analyst Graduate

    I graduated with a Masters in Operational Research – coming into this position has been so exciting and it’s great to be able to put into practice what I was studying straight away.

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  • Directly impacting where BA flies to

    I contribute to the decisions on where we fly, what type of aircraft we use, the time of day and route’s frequency.

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