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  • BA's schedules for the Americas
    Stuart Aveline

    In a basic sense my job is to trade off revenue costs, and operational deliverability, while developing BA’s schedules. My aim is to optimise where we fly our aircraft to make the best profits in the long term.

    A not-so typical day

    There isn’t really a typical day, I perform a huge range of tasks, from ad-hoc flight rescheduling requests, to planning the future season’s schedules. The year is divided into two seasons – summer and winter – as prescribed by IATA (The International Air Transport Association). This is how flight scheduling works on a global scale. I’ve actually just finished the summer 2013 schedule and I’ll be moving on to winter 2013 next.

    Take London to New York as an example route – there’ll be an ideal time of day that business passengers would want to depart. I need to focus on creating a schedule that meets customer requirements, while juggling the time-slots we have available at each airport during each season.

    Changing with the seasons

    As part of my role I also look at changing capacity on routes within seasons. For example, we anticipate less passenger demand between London and The Americas on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. So I would speak to the commercial team and discuss the possibility of reducing the number of seats on sale – for example by operating smaller aircraft.  We do all this before passengers are able to book.

    Taking stock

    Once a season’s over I review the route’s performance. I look at the cash position of every flight, i.e. the difference between the revenue it brings and what it’s cost us to run.  I also talk to key stakeholders within the slots team, revenue management, UK and overseas sales teams, and also our staff in the airports to take their views.

    It’s really rewarding knowing that my work has meant a good service and connectivity for our customers– I do everything I can to give them the most convenient flight times and I really feel I get to make a positive impact.