Analyst Hub - Frequently asked questions

Hopefully you’re enjoying your visit to our website. If you’ve not been able to find the information you’re looking for, here are a number of questions which are most frequently asked.

Any vacancies will be shown under the ‘Search and Apply’ section and this website is where you will always find current vacancies.

All the information you need can be found in the selection process part of this site.

The majority of BA analyst roles are based at BA’s headquarters, Waterside, located just outside London Heathrow airport.


There are also some analysts at other locations; including New York and several European cities.


Please check each vacancy for exact locations.

There are a large range of analyst roles in BA, (as shown in the department overview section).


There are good opportunities to move between departments to develop your breadth of experience.


Most departments also have senior analyst roles and/or team leader roles providing every chance for promotion and development.

A range of training will be provided when you start at BA, this will vary by role, but will ensure you are aware of key data sources and techniques used in that department.  There will also be more general BA induction training.


The BA analyst community has a large number of experts in a range of techniques and skills, enabling on the job training, coaching and support to be provided.  There are also regular skillbytes to share knowledge and expertise, and where appropriate more detailed training courses are run. We also use external courses to  help develop your skills and competencies.

The vacancies shown on this website are to be employed by British Airways.  However since BA is part of International Airline Group (IAG) any analysis work that is done needs to consider the impact on IAG and other airlines that are part of the Group.  Further to this, some analysis is done jointly with IAG and/or partner airlines.

All information relating to our benefits can be found on this site.

Look out for our new blogs all about working at British Airways. They will be written by our people, so you’ll get the full picture of life here.

Hopefully everything you need can be found here in our FAQs section.


We hope to attend various career events and analytical events – please check the BA analyst homepage for updates with information on this.