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  • Analysing performance on an exciting new product for British Airways
    Ed Balham

    I work as an analyst providing analytical support to the core commercial areas within the Gatwick directorate. Although I primarily support Revenue Management (the team who manage the pricing of seats on our flights), I am regularly involved in projects supporting other Gatwick commercial areas such as Sales & Marketing. Before joining BA, my background was in airline Revenue Management, which has certainly helped me with the day to day analytical support I provide to my colleagues within the Gatwick commercial team. 

    As a team, we were very excited by the recent launch of a new short haul fare type for BA, hand baggage only. This new fare has given our customers more choice by introducing a new cheaper fare for the times they don’t need to check in a suitcase. The launch signalled the culmination of a lot of my recent project work, including being responsible for establishing a performance monitoring framework for hand baggage only. This meant many hours establishing commercial colleagues’ requirements to allow us to effectively monitor the performance of the new fare and analyse changing customer trends. Once requirements had been established I spent time working with our data experts within Business Information to understand what data we would have available to analyse, before I began to push the boundaries of my SAS/SQL skills! Given hand baggage only was something completely new for BA the project gave me the opportunity to use my Excel skills to give creative insights into performance, something I really enjoyed.