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  • Helping the analyst community to fly
    Alan Spanos

    I remember sitting in a university lecture theatre, when I first heard the phrase GIGO, or ‘Garbage In – Garbage Out’. In Business Intelligence, it is one of our main jobs to ensure that this doesn’t happen for our analyst customers in BA!

     On a day-to-day basis, our Business Intelligence team supports and develops BA’s main data warehouses. These are the goldmines of information that our analyst community access on a daily basis. Whether you want to know how many flights were on time or how many customers were on a flight to New York, anything is possible (well almost anything!).

    Our BI team also offers SAS, Business Objects and Essbase are the main tools we offer and give our analysts a lot of flexibility. One of our challenges is to keep on top of new tools on the market, so that our analysts have what they need to do the job. Upgrading to the latest version of SAS with Enterprise Guide has been our latest effort in this space.

    Integrating Partner Data with BA’s

     One thing taking up a lot of my team’s time lately has been helping our sales teams to work better with our airline partners. As you may know, In the past 2 years, we have merged with Iberia, bought BMI and started Joint Ventures with American Airlines & Japan Airlines.

    In order to support our Commercial teams, we have taken new data in to our warehouses from all of our partners. In the coming months we will also integrate Finnair’s data, as they are joining our North Atlantic Joint Venture. This was a lot of work the first time around but is getting easy the more we are doing it!

    We have also been commissioned to provide some reporting services to Iberia, which has involved learning some Spanish. With the pace of airline consolidation showing no signs of slowing down, I’m sure Willie will be keeping us busy with more mergers in the years to come!