We are approved to deliver aircraft training, specialist training and Part 66 basic skills training for category A, B and C licences. Our approval centre was the first in the UK to gain Part 147 training approval, and is now the first approved training school in the world able to deliver both B787 and A380 B1/B2 training. We conduct our training in twelve fully flexible classrooms supported by six ground simulators and have dedicated in-flight technology, composite repair and fuel tank entry training facilities.We provide innovative, high quality engineering and industrial training solutions for all our customers and our state-of-the-art A320, A380 and B787 classrooms demonstrate our commitment to learning.

Airlines and MRO organisations interested in finding out more about the range of training options available at the British Airways Engineering Learning Academy can contact via email: engineering.training@ba.com

B787-8/9 B1/B2 combined (Trent 1000) courses:

30th August - 12th September 2016 B787 B1/B2 - Practical only

5th September - 4th November 2016 - Theory and practical

20th October - 20th December 2016 - Theory and practical

B777 B1/B2 combined (Trent 800 and GE90 engines) courses:

15th - 26th August 2016 B777 B1/B2 - Practical only

26th September - 7th October 2016 B777 B1/B2 - Practical only

12th - 23rd December 2016 B777 B1/B2 - Practical only

1st September - 9th November 2016 B777 B1/B2 - Theory and practical

17th October - 20th December 2016 B777 B1/B2 - Theory and practical

24th October - 23rd December 2016 B777 B1/B2 - Theory and practical

A380 B1/B2 combined (Trent 900) course:

3rd October - 9th December 2016 A380 B1/B2 - Theory and practical